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Choose Buchmyer's to renovate your aboveground or inground pools
We work on any vinyl lined pool, even if it is not a Buchmyer pool!!

We are renovation experts! When it comes to replacing & installing vinyl liners, coping, pool bottoms or walk-in steps, we can turn your tired swimming pool back into the sparkling diamond of beauty it once was. Our renovation crews and have worked with vinyl liners for many years. They are knowledgeable and professional. They are truly amazing in what they can do! Ever wish the size of your pool was different? Ever wish your plain rectangle had a bit more shape to it? Wish you would have had more steps or ladders? We can change your pool in any way you wish!! We will make your pool look like it was just installed yesterday.

We use 20 gauge virgin vinyl for our liners; 28 gauge material is available upon request. There are approximately 30 liner prints/designs to choose from for inground pools and approx 8 to choose from for aboveground pools. All of our liners carry a 15 year manufacturer's warranty. If you would like to browse the liner prints that are currently available, please visit The locally manufactured liners are each specially measured and specified to fit each pool like a glove with no wrinkles or puckers.

We will quote a contract price after we have looked at your pool. It is our high standard to be sure that your quote is reliable and will not have any hidden costs. We include 100% everything from emptying your pool to the refilling of your pool and absolutely everything in between.

Please feel free to call our York location 717-757-2828 or Toll-free 1-866-866-4440 to to request a renovation quote.

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