Weekly Pool Maintenance

Ever wish you had a maid service for your swimming pool? Here at Buchmyers Pools, we aim to please and do have "maid service" to offer. Our weekly pool service allows you to only ever touch your pool when you are ready to relax and enjoy all that pool ownership offers. We promise that your pool will be gorgeous & ready for you any day of the week, don't ever give up swimming again due to yucky water!

We will visit your pool every week. While we are there we will vacuum the pool, skim the water, brush off unsightly bath tub ring build up, service the filter as it requires, test the water and add the Bioguard chemicals to keep your pool sparkling & clear for the week until our next visit.

Weekly service days are designated based on the area in which you live. You will be assigned a day of the week, you cannot request a specific day. Dave can only clean so many pools in one day, but he does love to make them pretty and spotless!!

If you are interested in scheduling or learning more about the cost of professional weekly poolcare, feel free to check out our service contract. We do require these contracts to be filled out prior to scheduling.

Treat yourself to a beautiful swimming pool all summer long!
As always, if you have questions about the service or how to fill out the contract, feel free to call the service department in our York office at 717-757-2828 or Toll Free 1-866-866-4440.

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