BFF Club

Buchmyers Friends and Family Club

BFF Club

What is BFF? Read On!

Buchmyers Friends and Family Club Details

  • 10% off RETAIL purchases of chemicals 365
  • Free water testing
  • Special discounts & events throughout the year
  • Best timeslots for service calls
  • Free chem valet once a year
  • Tru blu promise 
  • Loyalty program points
BFF Club

How Do I Join?

It’s So Simple to Become a BFF Club Member!

  • Sign up for the tru blue promise
  • Provide your email address
  • Have four water tests done every year either in the store or by chem valet service
  • We track the criteria annually for you and will let you know when you are an official member!
  • Use a complete chemical program
BFF Club

We Use TruBlue!

Clear water is promised with one of our complete systems!