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3 Generations of Pride
3 Generations of Pride
My Dad, Ken Buchmyer, started working at Penguin Pools during his Jr. High school years. My Grandmother was friends with the owners of Penguin Pools. He began as a yard boy, he cleaned covers and unloaded trucks and worked in their retail store where he learned about pool water chemistry. When he turned 16 years old, he painted the white lines for the pool layout in preparation for the dig and was “in charge” of keeping the pool site cleaned up. The following summer, at age 17 he was working full time on the inground crew. He continued learning everything about inground pools and progressed to foreman of his own crew.
He left Penguin Pools in the early 1970’s and went to work full-time at Harley Davidson as a plumber, but he always dreamed of having his own pool business.

In 1981 Buchmyers Economy Pools was started as Dad began doing swimming pool work on the side while continuing to work full-time at Harley. He wasn’t home very much. At one point our front yard was filled with pool materials and we were threatened with fines from the township. So, we opened our current location at 713 Arsenal Rd. in 1984, at which time, my Mom Susie, joined the business full-time. The store was very small and grew larger over the years as we took over more and more of the building as it became available though the landlord.

The early days of the retail store were extremely slow, actually, we were bored to tears most of the first couple of years. Construction was steady, but nothing like it is today. Dad did most of the construction as a one man operation with some help from time to time with friends and family. He also did all of the sales and service himself. We have been blessed along the way as we continue to grow our employee base.

As the business continued to grow, Dad quit Harley Davidson in 1988 and we incorporated in July and became Buchmyers Pools, Inc. Eventually, we purchased the entire building and in 1997 we did a complete remodel to its present state.

In spring 2003 we continued our growth as we opened our 2nd retail store location in Hanover, at the Grandview Plaza. Of course now, we are very excited to announce that we have made our home in Hanover permanent with the purchase of our property at 969 Baltimore St. We have also added an off-site storage warehouses.

I have been on this journey from the very beginning. I cannot express enough gratitude for my parents hard work and perseverance over all these years.  My husband Chris, whom I met at Buchmyers in 1989 and we completed our business succession on December 31, 2017. We are proud owners of Buchmyer’s Pools Inc. and will run things just the way we were taught. I learned from a very young age all there is to know about swimming pools from my father and husband. We are very fortunate to have Chris to continue taking care of our loyal customers and all of our pools when my parents are ready to retire. My sister, Wendi joined the retail team in 2010. Our son Spencer Lee started working for us at the age of 16 and came on board full-time after graduating from Dallastown High School. His wife Mia has been working for us thru high school and college. They look forward to taking over the business someday. We continue to strive to be caring, fair and competent business owners. Our girls: Kenni, and Hanna Sue come into work for us during summer breaks from high school and who knows maybe they will join Spencer in the third generation of Buchmyer’s Pools, Inc…

We have been very blessed throughout this journey. We owe much gratitude to many dedicated and hardworking team members as well as you, our wonderful customers.

Kriste J. Buchmyer-Feltman