Pool Closing Tips

  1. Close your pool as late as possible to avoid water chemistry problems in the spring. Late September to mid October is ideal for your pool water.
  2. Make sure your winter cover is in good shape.
  3. Balance your pool water within one week of closing it. Closing chemicals are designed to work with properly balanced water. If you don’t balance, don’t expect clear water in the spring.
  4. Add the appropriate amount of closing chemicals. We know based on pool size exactly what you need to add. Closing chemicals are designed to maintain clarity-they do not stop your pool water from freezing.
  5. Make sure you winterize your pool equipment properly. If you are not sure how to do this, please ask us, we do not want you to replace costly equipment due to lack of knowledge. We will help you learn everything about this process. We do offer closing services to any pool owner. See our closing service contracts for more information.
  6. After the pool is closed, make sure you siphon or pump water off of the cover regularly. The water on the cover displaces your pool water. If you get two feet of water on the winter cover, expect your pool level to be 2 feet lower than when you closed.
  7. Make sure you chemically soak and clean filter cartridge and de elements so you get the longest life span out of them. You need to use the cleaner to get them clean, greases and oils are not removed with just water. Store these inside where they are safe from rodents eating holes in them.
  8. Be sure to store all liquid chemicals are stored inside so they do not freeze.

If you have any questions please call us at 717-757-2828 or 717-630-2424