Vacation Poolcare

It never fails, you leave your pretty swimming pool to go on a wonderful fun filled vacation and return to a pool filled with pea soup. You have tried to turn your parents, your kids and your neighbors into pool intelligent beings, but they just can't seem to get it right, hard as they may try. They get to go home and get a good nights rest while you spend time, energy and money in cleaning up your pool. This no way to end a wonderful time of vacationing...

We do offer vacation poolcare at Buchmyers pools. We will visit your pool every week while you are away. While we are there we will vacuum the pool, skim the water, brush off unsightly bath tub ring build up, service the filter as it requires, test the water and add the Bioguard chemicals to keep your pool sparkling & clear for the week until our next visit or until you get home to jump right into your beautiful pool and get in just a few more hours of sun as you float on your favorite raft.

If you are interested in scheduling or learning more about the cost of professional vacation poolcare, feel free to check out our service contract. We do require this contracts to be filled out prior to scheduling.

Treat yourself to a beautiful swimming pool when you return home from vacation!!
As always, if you have questions about the service or how to fill out the contract, feel free to call the service department in our York office at 717-757-2828 or Toll Free 1-866-866-4440.

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