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The Citadel Rockley

An above-ground pool out of the ordinary!

The Rockley Pool is constructed to withstand every season.  The legendary 9″ extruded resin ledge resists weather, water and wear.  Durable 6″ extruded resin uprights provide strength, support and style.  Injected resin top connectors, bottom foot collars/connector combo, 2pc caps, for a pleasing overall look.

Round sizes available:

  • 15′ (4.57 m)
  • 18′ (5.49 m)
  • 21′ (6.40 m)
  • 24′ (7.32 m)
  • 27′ (8.23 m)
  • 30′ (9.14 m)

Check out these special features on all
all Citadel Rockley Swimming  Pools:

Top Ledge

  • 9-inch extruded top ledge.
  • Incorporates multi-ribbed supports for optimum stability.


  • 6-inch injection-molded upright in an elegant contrasting color.

Bottom Rail

  • Resin rails at both the top and bottom
  • Smooth shape increases pool strength

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